Sunday, February 5, 2012

Desert Island Gaming - Or what would...

i never get rid of, ever...

Many years ago (and possibly still) there was a UK radio show Desert Island Discs. Basically, guests interviewed were asked to pick records that there would take with them if abandoned on an island. Phil Olley, in Classic Wargamers Journal did something similar recently with gaming guests.

Generic city state hoplites.

Well, my choice would be 15mm strip Minifig Greeks and Persians- made in the 70s. I absolutely love these little fellows (or as an ex once called them little metal dollies)! Many are those I purchased as my first metal figures from the now defunct (and much missed, at least in its original set up) Tin Soldier in Sydney, Australia. Always on the look out for these.

Boo, hiss...the evil Thebans. Medisers to a man!
I converted many, mainly head swaps on hoplites and weapons for peltasts. The peltasts came with Boeotian helmets, so I replaced a number of hoplite  helmets with them.

Hooray for the good guys - taken down by those evil Thebans and Athenians...
I have 100 bases of hoplites painted, as usual, by Pete.Shield designs are freehand.

And, although not the best photo, some peltasts.

More Greeks and Persians soon.


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