Saturday, January 22, 2011

More HG Walls

As requested, more photos of HG Walls models:


War 1812 house

Indian buildings

More Indian buildings
Star Wars

Star Wars
Middle Eastern

Middle Eastern
More soon!

War of 1812 Demo Game

Steve and I put on this game at a local convention quite a few years ago! Too many to recall actually - it may have been a decade ago  :  ( 

Fire & Fury Regimental rules, then just a draft, were used.

The figures are a mostly Foundry, with a few Old Glory. All in 28mm.

The game was a replay of Chippewa, where the British first experienced any real set back against American troops.

Buildings, tents & fences by HG Walls. Painted by Peter.

Photos by Steve, using a very small digital camera. State of the art at the time, now sadly dated! I will post up some better photos shortly.


Friday, January 21, 2011

HG Walls

One of the true gentlemen in the hobby is Herb Gundt of HG Walls. Not only that, but he is a very, very talented model maker. Herb has made models for me for a few years now, some of which follow:

All of these are 28mm and scratchbuilt except for the second last picture which is by Kobblestone, painted by Herb.

I am sure you will agree that Herb is extremely talented!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Intro Post

 Here we go again! My second blog.

Sassanid elephant
 As I want to keep Golconda Rising purely Indian in theme, I decided I need another blog to post all my other stuff, and to sell stuff as well. I did want to use the name All My Other Stuff, but that blog name wasn't available.

Roman cataphracts

War of 1812 - 25mm
There will be terrain by a number of companies such as as HG Walls and miniatures painted by a variety of painters. Very little will be actually painted by me  : )
28mm vineyard by HG Walls

6mm terrain by Timecast
Late Roman infantry - Foundry
Star Wars

There will be no rhyme or reason to what is posted. There will be historical, 40K, not much fantasy. There will be lots of 15mm Minifig strip figures which are a bit of an obsession : )

Late Roman cavalry - Foundry
I have been collecting War of 1812, Late Romans, Sassanids, Greeks, Persians and Napoleonics in 25/28mm. Then there are the 15mm ancient collections and 6mm 1956 "what-if."

1/285th Russians

6mm Saladin