Sunday, February 5, 2012

1956 East Germans

A WIP by me. T34/76s. East Germany had 119 of these in 1956 - the most in any formation being 31 in one of the motorised infantry divisions. Sources vary as to whether they were solely B models, or a mix of A & B. I went with 4 B and 2 A models.

The colour is best captured by the above photo, although there is a noticeable change in hue from the actual model. The next photo was exposed incorrectly although does show the open hatch. I need to work on the rust on the exhausts.

I had dullcoted these but there was still a sheen - something I notice dullcote doing more and more. I then used Armypainter Antishine varnish. Although it has dulled it right down, it leaves a gritty feel to the surface...I thought it was the fact I hadn't shaken the can properly, or a reaction with dullcote.

I then  used the Army Painter army green spray on another model and was left with the same gritty feel. I had forgotten that this had occured in my previous experience with Army Painter blue and yellow sprays...

Next are 3 SU 76. Crews to be added.

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